Part of Me


Social anxiety is unfortunately a part of me, and although I’m getting better it’s frustrating to have people dismiss it. I understand that it’s difficult for others who don’t experience social anxiety to realize that it isn’t being shy, or trying to be cute. I’m not trying to be rude or cold to others by not talking, I just don’t know how to bring myself to say things to them. It inhibits what I need and sometimes even want to do in life. Most don’t understand the severity of it and that’s what the most frustrating part is. Social anxiety is a problem that almost 15 million people in America have “And still a world begins its furious erasure”( pg.142).

Now don’t think this is some kind of pity party for me, because it’s not. I am interested in doing everyday things with others, but if it’s people I don’t know I have a hard time. I don’t want to be treated like a special case per se, but a little leniency when it comes to social situations would help me perform better as a person. Many may be suffering from it and not know, because they were never taught how to recognize different symptoms. I feel that if people were made more aware of what this disorder means, or even mental illness as a whole, the world could run a lot smoother.



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